MotoGP at Indianapolis

Great time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today. It was qualifications day. I only live about an hour north of Indy, but rarely go to the various races, but go to practice and qualifying, even when F1 raced here. They are great days to see the sights and sounds, and get your gearhead fix, with less crowds. The race I enjoy more on TV. Kinda weird I suppose, but it works for me.

The weather was perfect. We've had an unusually mild summer in Indiana, and August can be very hot and humid, but it was just right today. You've got to see and hear a modern GP machine to really appreciate them. These big 4 strokes are booming, radical bikes. I can't imagine what it is like to ride one at a 10/10ths pace. And nobody does it better than The Doctor, Valentino Rossi.

On display in the Yamaha tent, TZ750.

Of the display bikes, this CR750 in the Honda tent was my favorite. Won Daytona in 1970 with Dick Mann riding.

I never would have thought someone could have pulled off a Yamaha R1 street-tracker. I dig it. It is from Gregg's Customs.

Ducati was very well represented. Love this 750SS.

The Jesse Rooke street-tracker Sportster, now turbo charged. It is a show bike, so too much form over function going on with it, but I still think it is a very nicely done bike.


Barn Fresh

Another barn rat found, a 1971 Suzuki T250 Hustler. It needs too much work for a restoration, but lots of good parts.

I was in the fifth grade the last time this bike was registered.

I love the shape of this tank.



Cafe Society

I received an email about a new DVD coming out that looks pretty cool. It is a documentary about cafe racers. For more info or to order, go to http://www.cafesocietyfilm.com/.


King Custom Cycles

This CB750 is the work of a local guy. He does some great work. It is similar to what I plan for mine eventually.
From: http://kingcustomcycles.com/

Miss Piggy


Harley Davidson Museum

I visited the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee this week. Very, very nice collection! They do a great job of covering the history of the Motor Company, from serial #1 to present day. Even if you aren't a typical Harley guy, you'll enjoy it. Below are a few of my favorites, and many more pictures of my visit here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/speedfourjoe/sets/72157621954588056/

KRTT side valve road racer, raced by Cal Rayborn.

XR750 flat track racer.

This bike is amazing, the Randy Smith built 45 Magnum.

Sprint CRTT road racer.

The storage and restoration area was very interesting to say the least.

Check out the race bodywork, which lined the back wall.