Sportster cafe seat part 2

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Here is the start of the rear mounts for the seat, which bolt to the inside of the upper rear shock mounts. They are steel flat stock, and are notched around part of the frame. Some of the frame here has been ground down before for my old seat. The seat mounts also double as turn indicator mounts.
Here are the rear mounts almost done. They are tied together with some small square tubing.
Welded and cleaned up. I welded in a bulkhead for the rear of what will be the under seat storage area, and closed it in on the top/rear. The front seat mount is angle steel that will bolt to the stock seat mount on the frame. I decided to incorporate the rear gas tank mount into the seat, and I'll have more about that later on.
Here is what will be the front of the bum stop. I took a piece of 16 gauge sheet, and first bent the bottom so it will flow into the seat base. I then put it in place and traced the outline of the bum stop onto it, then cut about 1/4" outside that line. I then made small cuts just past the outline, making little tabs. The tabs are then bent back, and can be adjusted to get a perfect fit with the cowl.
Here is the front of the bum stop in place, almost ready for welding. The bottom sides of this piece still need fit and trimmed. I'm very happy with it so far, and it will only require a very small amount of body filler.



Bike from Nice! Motorcycle, pics from here.


Colin Edwards Tech 3 M1


Sportster cafe seat part 1

I've decided to do a new seat/tank combo for my Sportster. Here's the bike as it is now, with a seat I made about 4 years ago.
Doing some mock up here. It's a CB750K tank, and I also test fit a Viper fairing that I had on my GS850 for a while. My son likes the fairing, but I don't really care for it. I'll use my current flyscreen. The tank, on the other hand, I really like. It sits nice and low, the size is about right, and just fits nicely.
After much trial fitting on where exactly the tank needs to sit, I made the front mounts. I cut some 1/2 inch tubing and 3/8 inch rod.
Here's how it'll work. The tubing gets welded in the frame, and the rod slides into the tubing. this way I can just remove the rod if i want to use the stock Sportster gas tank.
Underside of the Honda tank.
Tubing welded in, paint touched up, and rubbers in place. The rear tank mount will wait until the seat is farther along, to make sure they line up.
16 gauge steel.
Bending the sides into the shape I want.
The reason for using two pieces is that way I can play around with the width, and get it just right.
Here's something I'd looked at doing, but decided not to, but it might be just right for someone else. It is using a ZZR1100 front fender cut into a cowl. It's got a nice rounded shape.
Here's the winner. It's cut from a '71 Suzuki T250 gas tank. I don't care for side mount taillights and tags, so the shape of this one will allow a Lucas style light and plate mount to go on the back. A few years ago I started to make one using a later GT250 tank, but just didn't love the shape. This one I do.
Yep, it's ugly inside. I left a bit of extra material that will get trimmed off later on.
10 minutes with the sand blaster and you have brand new 40 year old steel.
My pressure blaster, I think it was $60 at one of those discount tool stores. I use play sand in it, which is really cheap at the home stores. The play sand can't be used right out of the bag, since it is too wet, and has small rocks that will clog the tip. I always have some in a tub to dry out, and pour it through a piece of screen when loading the tank. It works excellent for this kind of job.
Tack welded together here. Now to get to the mounts and little details. I might shorten the front a bit more. Sportsters have unused thread on the inside of the upper rear shock mounts that are perfect for mounting. There are a couple of reasons for why I bent up the seat base sides. Like my current seat, I'll have a underseat storage area. I also need the seat height for legroom, since the rearsets are quite high.




Grissom Air Museum

The Grissom Air Museum is painting 5 of the aircraft on display this year. March 19th is an all day cleaning and prep of the B-17 and C-47 for paint, and the museum is looking for volunteers to help out. April 1 will be the Grand Reopening of the museum. Come on out and support a great aviation museum!

Go to the museum site for more information. http://www.grissomairmuseum.com/

2011 Indiana area events

AMA Supercross - Indianapolis on March 12

13th Annual Columbus Speedway/25th Street Raceway Oldtimers Reunion on March 12th, 2011 from 11-5 at the Bartholomew Co. 4-H Fairgrounds Community Building - for more info click here

Abate of Indiana Region 4 Bike Show & Swap Meet - Lafayette on April 24

Indiana Flat Track Association - 2011 schedule coming soon

Ton Up Indy 5th annual Rockers Reunion - Indianapolis May 14, go to http://www.rockersreunionindy.com/ for details

Moville Groundshakers Fathers Day Motorcycle Race - Bunker Hill Dragstrip on June 19



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