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The bottom pic is the motorcycle parking area on the backstretch of the oval (that's the back end of my Sportster on the near right). They've got a nice setup for motorcyclists. Enter gate 10 from 30th Street on the north end of the Speedway, and you are quickly in the parking area. They even handout kickstand pads when you pull into your spot. They have secure gear check-in stations nearby, so you don't have to carry your gear, or leave it on the bike.

Ducati Indiana

A very nice example of a rather, let's just say interesting bike.
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Moriwaki MD250H

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Jesse Rooke's 450

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Here are a few pictures I took during the pit walkabout this morning at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was really cool to get a look in the garages. I rode down early this morning, and had a great time seeing the sights at IMS.




Not much room between the front tire and foot here. The modern MX based flat trackers can't match the framers for style, but still great racing.
Joe 164

A few more from the flat track races

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Vintage Yamahas

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750cc Norton in a Redline frame. Both stunningly beautiful and fast.
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