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I watched this on the fingy moto blog. Too good to not re-post.


'79 Special

After looking at it more I decided to go ahead with a few mods to go along with the new seat. I fitted a '69 DS6C front fender. It has different style mounts, so I cut off the bottom mount tabs and welded on new mounts. Other than that it just needed spread slightly. Being rusty, it will need sandblasted and painted.

The stock '75 tail light and bracket were too big, and would point the light up at an angle if used on the shortened fender, but I also wanted to keep an OEM look to the bike. I cut up the stock bracket and made a roughly 2/3 scale version with a Lucas style lens, and everything at the right angles.

I just need to do some minor finish work and paint it. It gives the bike a neat roadster look. I have to get the '75 XS cafe' sheet metal painted first, so I'm going to put the original fenders on tank back on for the time being.



staying busy

I had originally thought of going in more of a scrambler direction with the '75 XS, but changed my mind. I'd started on a seat for it, but ended up making something different. Since I'd already bought the cover, and shaped the foam and pan I thought I'd go ahead and finish the seat I'd had in mind, but use it on the '79 XS.

The plan was to make a seat for the XS650 similar to the seat from my Suzuki TC90. I bought a cover from Mac Motorcycle Seat Covers on ebay for $25. These aren't exact reproduction covers, but budget replacements. 

It is nicely done for being so low in cost.

This is the '78-'79 Special pan that came on the '75 when I bought it, getting modified to fit the TC90 cover. I'd trimmed up the sides straight across (to get rid of the Special sloped sides), and cut off the rear part. Then I welded in and shaped a 16 gauge filler piece to box in the rear of the pan.

Here it is after drilling and then welding in machine screws to attach the cover, and starting to sand blast. Lots of surface rust, but it is still solid, and cleaned up nicely. If you have a very rusty pan, with rust all the way through, it can be covered with a layer or two of woven fiberglass mat to reinforce it.

I did a coat of self etching primer and then some left over Rust-Oleum 'stainless steel' paint.

I'm using 1/8" clear pvc fuel line for the edging on the pan to protect the cover. You just slice it down one side with a sharp utility knife blade.

With all of the curves on this pan, the fuel line bends and fits much easier then the door edging they sell at auto parts stores.

Getting ready to fit the cover.

Stretching and fitting the cover, starting at the front and working back. I'm using flat washers and nuts to secure the cover. The nuts are just hand started here, these will just get lightly snugged down, so I'll go back and dab some paint on the threads to keep the nuts from loosening. Using this method for attaching the cover  makes it nice if you want to remove it for some reason.

Here it is with the Suzuki seat it is patterned after.

I like it. I'm also thinking of using the larger '75 gas tank and a cut down rear fender, so threw them on to see how it looks.