Return of the SR...

...hopefully. There have been rumors of a fuel injected SR400 in the works, and I saw on the SR500 forum that Yamaha will be displaying an FI SR400 at an upcoming show. Surely this means a return to production, and maybe export models someday. Keeping my fingers crossed.

From: http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/news/2009/09/30/tms.html


Fall Ride

Back from a great ride today. The day started out foggy, and seemed to take forever to burn off, but when it finally did, a perfect autumn day. This time of the year has some of the best riding weather, and unfortunately winter isn't all that far away, so best to enjoy it while it's here.

Many fields are already being harvested, or soon will be like these soybeans. I'm really enjoying some of the recent work I've done to the SR500. It is a very competent back road burner.


M/C Upper

I really like this XS650, and am thinking of doing a frame mounted fairing like this on my Sportster over the winter.



...for now. I think it'll stay like this until it gets a compete redo, after the XT500 is done. It'll likely get a trimmed down seat and spoke wheels then.



SR500 tapered steering bearings

The forks are rebuilt and ready to go, and the new steering bearings arrived today. I got a tapered bearing kit from All Balls.

Here's the problem with the stock ball style bearings. The races indent and the steering becomes notchy. This is a bike with only about 19,000 miles, but the races are very bad. Some claim slightly better feel with the stock type bearings, but I doubt it's anything significant, and once they wear at all, any advantage in feel is completely lost.

The All Balls kit is very nice, and includes the seals.


My XT...

...the day I bought it, July 4 2008. The plan was to have it done by July 4 this year, but that didn't happen. I got a bit side tracked with buying the SR500. The engine is rebuilt with a Wiseco forged piston, waiting to go into the newly painted frame. It's going to be street only, and disc brakes front and rear, sort of what a 1976 motard might look like. Getting ready to get back on this project 100%.



Nicely and classically styled '97. http://speedbuggy.biz


SR500 work

I did decide I'll just stay with a single brake up front, so shaved the caliper mounts on the right side. Here's the 90% cleaned up right side with the left. A bit of work and they'll both look like a brand new part. The fork tubes and internals are in very nice shape, so just a good cleaning and new seals is all that's needed. The steering bearings are very notchy, so I'm going to go with a tapered bearing replacement. It wasn't apparent how bad they were until the forks were off.

Here's the T250 Hustler fender baking in the sun. I gave it a light sandblasting, etching primer, and shot it with some silver I had. Someday when the bikes gets a complete re-do it'll get a proper paint job, or maybe re-chromed. The external bracing is what I really like about it.



The XJ750 Seca I bought for parts a while back had a new set of Kenda tires on it the correct size, so I decided to spoon them on the SR500, to replace the awful Cheng Shins that were on it when I bought it. I also used the left front disc. Mine was looking a bit ragged, and the XJ part is lighter weight. I have EBC pads and fork seals on the way, so might tackle that next weekend. The XJ is a dual disc setup, and I thought of getting an XS650 right side caliper since the SR has lugs on the right leg, but think I'll stay with a single disc to save rotating/unsprung weight.

5 pounds 5 ounces for the SR, and 4 pounds 9 ounces for the XJ.