Clint Eastwood

An American legend turns 80!

Memorial Day

Remembering those that gave everything, and paid the ultimate price, for us.


Suzuki RE-5

Covered Bridge

From yesterday, I always stop and get a look at covered bridges.



He'll be missed. ***Language warning***


Bunker Hill Dragstrip June 19-20

A killer weekend coming up at Bunker Hill Dragstrip, just north of Kokomo IN. Saturday, June 19th is a wheelstand contest, and Sunday, June 20th the Moville Groundshakers Father's Day all-motorcycle drag race. The drag race always brings out a great variety of bikes and great action on the track. I'm hoping to make it to both events.

For more info go to http://www.bunkerhillrace.com/.

Ground Work

From http://www.ground-work.jp/, link via http://retrocustomracer.blogspot.com/.

I love the exhaust on this bike.

Global Booth

From: http://park16.wakwak.com/~globalbooth/


Indiana Flat Track

Lots of races coming up! Go here for more info: http://www.indianaflattrack.com/

Indiana destinations for gearheads

I thought I'd list some of my favorite day ride destinations. Some of these places I've covered in previous posts. Usually I don't have any destination in particular, but sometimes plan on a place to visit. There are quite a few neat things to see or do within a day of most anywhere in Indiana. This will be a growing list as I find out about or remember places.

-Kersting's Cycle Center and Museum- This is a HD, Yamaha, and Kawasaki dealer, but the best part is the great motorcycle museum there. It covers a very diverse range of bikes, and well worth the trip. It's out in the middle of nowhere pretty much, but there is a nice restaurant/bar in town, just a few miles to the North.


-Grissom Air Museum- It's a nice military aircraft museum north of Kokomo. It has an outdoor air park, and a small indoor museum.


-Indiana Transportation Museum- It is a railroad museum in Noblesville. Both restored and very unrestored displays, and you can even go on a train ride.


-Chanute Air Museum- This one is in Illinois, but still an easy day trip from much of Indiana. The neat thing is that it is in the old Air Base buildings and hangers.


-Ropkey Armor Museum- Like tanks? You'll love this place. It also has aircraft and military motorcycles on display. An excellent private museum near Crawfordsville.


-National Military History Center- Near Auburn, it is home of the WWII Victory Museum. I've yet to visit, but plan on going.


-Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum- Very nice antique auto museum.


-National Automotive and Truck Museum of the United States- Right next door to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum.


-Studebaker National Museum- In South Bend.


-Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum- Very cool. I usually visit every year.


-National Museum of the US Air Force- The Air Force Museum is absolutely incredible. In Ohio, but only about a couple hours from Indy.





Indy Rockers Reunion

I rode down to Indy today to check out the Rockers Reunion bike show. No shortage of great bikes and people, one of my favorite bikes being the BMW pictured above. Click here to see more of the show.




Always lots of great bikes to check out on Yahoo Japan.

Seasick Steve