XS650 Special project

I got some work done on the seat mounting. The rear hinge mount on the frame got cut off and moved forward. I cut the stock seat lock off of the frame and made a new bracket to use a CT-1 flip type latch. I still need to mount rubber stoppers between the pan and frame, and weld nuts for the hinge and latch brackets to the inside of the seat pan. I'm leaning against using the high front fender, so fitted an aluminum fork brace to see how it looks. Still undecided on low or high pipes right now.


XS650 Special project

To finish the gas tank mounting I bought a new reproduction CT-1 rear mount rubber from CSM Restoration Parts.

I used a section of old exhaust tubing to make it fit the frame, trimming it down until the tank fit just right.

Here it is fitted and tacked. I also moved the front mounts slightly lower and more forward from where I'd originally put them.

Looking at what to do with the exhaust, I scored a pair of small shorty mufflers for $40. I'm thinking of using these with the stock '75 head pipes with some extensions welded on. I'm haven't ruled out high pipes later on, but this might be a good option, and would get the bike back on the road quicker.

I got started on hinging the seat. The seat will need to come apart to finish this, so I bought a reproduction cover, and will be sandblasting and painting the pan. I got lucky in that one weld nut is in the right place, so it will keep the pan in the right location to finish the rest.

As it sits now, mocking up the exhaust to see how it looks. I'm liking it so far. If I do this exhaust I'll paint the head pipes. The tank is sitting just right, so I'm going to finish weld the mounts where they are.



XS650 Special project

The new wheel bearings arrived, so I finished the wheel swap. I ran a 30 tooth rear sprocket on this bike, but with the taller rear tire I'll likely go back to a stock 34 eventually, but I'll ride it first to see how it works.


Just looking at front fender options here. This is a Preston Petty fender I bought at a swap meet that I'd planned on using on the DT-3, but it might end up here. It is just taped in place to see how it looks.







XS650 Special project

I'm still waiting on the new wheel bearings to finish up the wheels (and brakes), but since I got the swingarm back on I had to slap the wheels on to see how it is all looking. I'm really liking it. It'll look pretty much like a stock old enduro when done. Once the wheel swap is all buttoned up I'll sort the rest of the tank and seat mounting.



XS650 Special project

I decided to go with Shinko SR241 tires for the '79, and ordered a set from the Motorcycle Superstore.

I got a 4.00-18 for the rear and 3.50-19 for the front. A 3.25-19 front would be ideal, but it is a hard size to find. The 241 in 19" comes in 2.75 and 3.50. I think the 2.75 would just be too small for this bike, so went with the 3.50. I'll probably either have to modify the front fender I've been using, or use a different one.

I'm waiting on new wheel bearings before putting them on the bike.

The Shinko tire spec page lists the rear as being 4.25" wide and the front at 3.66". Mine measure at the widest point 4.52" rear on the 2.15" rim, and the front 3.95" on the 1.85" rim.

I wanted to get the rear mounted to check clearance with the swingarm before repainting it, in case it needed any changes. The stock 16" wheel and tire are wider, but shorter so don't go up to the front of the swingarm as much where it narrows. This is with the adjusters fully forward, and still plenty of clearance.



source: http://auctions.search.yahoo.co.jp/search?p=xs&auccat=26316

XS650 Special rear disc to drum conversion

On the '79 Special I'm swapping from the 16" cast disc brake wheel to an 18" spoke drum brake wheel.

Here are the parts I'm using for the swap, a brake pivot and rod from a '78 XS650, brake stay from an '83 XS650, and a right side drum brake wheel spacer from a '73 TX750 (same spacer as a drum brake XS650). The left side wheel spacer and brake pedal are the same from disc to drum.

Rather than buying a drum brake swingarm I'm just modifying mine. The two brake line mount tabs and the hook are removed. The brake stay anchor gets cut off and welded in place on the bottom of the swingarm.

Here is the swingarm after moving the anchor.

For reference this is the brake pivot on my '75 which has the return spring mount and brake switch on the passenger peg mount.

This is the drum brake pivot in the '79. Three issues here: the return spring mount is on the bottom frame cross-member, the brake switch is above the swingarm pivot, and the stop bolt bracket is in the wrong place.

The brake switch tab is mounted right off the pivot area on the disc brake part (the top one). Rather than moving the brake switch, I'm just welding the tab to the drum brake pivot.

Both pivots have an index mark at the 12 o'clock position, and this is a good reference point to use to place the tab correctly.

The tab moved to the drum brake pivot.

I then cut off and moved the return spring mount and stop bolt bracket.

Here it is mocked up, and everything fitting as it should. I just need to do some cleaning and paint, and decide what tires to order.