the swap meet

The vintage motorcycle swap meet at the Boone County Fairgrounds had a very nice turnout. The indoor vendor area was filled, with some vendors outside also. I'll be back next year for sure. I didn't take any pictures at the swap meet, but should have as there where some very nice bikes for sale. Here is what I bought, on my shop porch after getting home.
I picked up a nice Norton peashooter style XS650 exhaust, and early TT500 forks and seat. I also got an XT500 rear wheel, as I'd like to go with spoke wheels on my SR500.

For my DT3, I got a cool K&W fork brace and a set of MX360 thermal flow external reservoir shocks. The neat thing about those shocks is that they can be rebuilt. 

This flat track seat base was just too neat to pass up, and very solid. It fits an XT500 frame nicley.


I picked up a couple tanks for future use. One is an XS360 tank, and the other is a '71 or so BSA A65 tank. The BSA tank just has a nice slim look to it.
I like to use ebay, but it can't beat a swap meet for fun and deals, and there were deals to be had. The two seats I bought where $10 each, and the most expensive thing was the XS650 exhaust system at $65. It's great to be able to handle the part, know exactly what you are getting, and no shipping costs.


Stuman714 in Indy said...

Man it sure sounds like you got a deal at Lebanon on Sunday. I was going to try and get up there-I'm only about 20 miles from there just east of Brownsburg-but had some problems with the site I had to work through.
I'm gonna try to hit the Rockers at Melody reunion again in May, we'll have to hook up.
And by the way, that tank looks great on the XS!
Take care and keep up the great work here, I love your stuff!

Joe C said...

Thanks, and we'll definitely have to hook up. I'll send you an email before then.