I was doing some cleaning in the shop, and pulled out a couple of projects I've got in the works. The first is the '67 YR1 chassis project. The plan here is a 2 stroke street special. I've done some different rough mock-ups, the last of which was more of a road/cafe' racer look, but this is where it's headed now. 




This is the TY250 the day I bought it at a swap meet about a year and a half ago, and it'll likely be the next complete project I'll do. It needed work, but was a running and functioning bike. This year the bottom end got some rumble, and was getting hard to start (low compression), so it is parked until the rebuild.

I'm thinking of fitting a CT1 seat to it. It might be heresy to fit an actual seat to a trials bike, but it'll make it better for trail riding, and I think it looks neat. I'll probably go through the engine over the winter. The rest of the bike shouldn't take too much to do.


I got stalled out on the '71 TC90, but it will run in 2016. I promise.

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