XS650 enduro project

This is one of those small modifications that should make a big difference on the bike. On my '79 XS650 I left the stock side stand and cut the skid plate to fit around it. On this bike I want better off road capability, so the stock stand and mount have to go. It hangs down nearly 2 inches, so is an easy place to pick up some ground clearance.

I'll be using the side stand and mount from an XT500. This is a spare frame, and if it ever gets used it will be a race bike, so it won't miss the bracket.

The mount is welded on the sides, so I just cut the welds and removed the bracket.

The center stand mounts are in the way, so need removed.

Doing some test fitting here to see how it will fit.

The area where it mounts on the XT frame is more vertical than the XS. I'll need to add a little metal at the front side stand stop, and remove some on the back stop to get the angle of the stand how it needs to be.

I blasted the mount and began getting it ready. The spring peg was nearly sawed off from use, so needs replaced. This isn't uncommon on old bikes, but is an easy fix.

It is welded on the back side. I ground the weld, drilled it out a bit, and then knocked the peg out.

To make a new peg I started with a hardened 8mm bolt.

The head is cut off, and then a grove cut for the spring with a cut-off wheel.

Then it gets cut to length and welded in.

Then I assembled it and looked at how much to add to the front stop to get the angle right. The pivot is slightly offset from the spring pegs. This is how the spring holds the stand in the extended position. With the small amount I needed to add it would still work fine.

I welded the front stop, and then ground it down to the thickness it needed.

I welded it on enough to use right now, but will need to finish weld the inside when the bike is torn down. Here it is on the bike folded up. I trimmed the rear stop until it folded up nice and tight.

Here it is extended. One extra benefit is it seems much more stable than the stock stand. Now the stock side stand lug can be cut off and I can make the skid plate.

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