XS650 enduro project

This was Saturday evening at the shop last weekend.

Sunday was another beautiful day, and we spent it hiking at Turkey Run State Park. Nothing quite like exploring Indiana's ancient canyons in the fading autumn glow.









Saturday evening this weekend, the autumn glow being replaced by winter gray. The weather is changing, and the bike is going from mock-up to the finish work. It was 9 degrees F this Sunday morning.

And speaking of colder weather, I've got a salamander heater for the shop, which is a forced air kerosene heater, but rarely use it. It stinks, is noisy, and you've got to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning with it. Some of the propane heaters have the same issues, and burning wood isn't very practical. I really don't need to actually heat the shop, but just take some of the edge off the cold, and I've found brooder lamps work good for this. They are very inexpensive. They are about $7 for the lamp and $6 for the bulbs. The give off instant heat, so you plug them in when you need it, and unplug when done. No open flame or fuel to store. It does make a small work area more comfortable.

Anyway, the bike. It's torn down, and I'm finishing welding the various new tabs on the frame, and finishing removing some of the old ones. It should warm up enough this week to touch up the paint in the areas being worked on.

An XS650 will stand perfectly stable on the swingarm and rear frame. This makes it really easy to get to some of the areas on the bottom of the frame.

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Poppa Wheelie said...

Turkey Run State park looks incredible. I would love to hike through it and get a closer look. Awesome, thanks.