XS650 enduro project

Before the engine goes back in the frame I want to eliminate the electric starter. It can be done in the frame, but is a bit easier out. I'm using a Dorman 555-083 expansion plug. This is what most guys use on the XS650, rather than buying the more expensive starter block-off kits.

First drain the oil and remove the cover. If the cover has never been off you'll need a new gasket. Mine was off just a few years ago, so the gasket came off without tearing.

Slide out the gear and shaft assembly.

Next is to remove the four starter bolts and the starter.

The last thing to come out is the starter seal.

Here it is ready for the freeze plug. The plug is a tight fit. You can lightly sand the edges of the plug, put it in the freezer, and carefully warm the cases in that area to make it go in easier. Don't use a propane torch or anything with a flame, since you'll catch the oil on fire.

Lastly drive the plug in, keeping it even as you go. Then a final cleanup, and the cover can go back on. I did paint some sealer on the back side. Probably not necessary, but it doesn't hurt anything either.

I'll call it a 7 pound weight savings. Not bad for $1. I will save these parts for 20 years from now when I decide electric start is a good thing.