XS650 enduro project

I'd thought of using knobbies during mock-up, but decided to go with Shinko SR241 tires instead. I use them on two other bikes and really like them. They are a trials universal, rather than a trials competition tire. This bike will mostly see back roads and hard pack, so these will be a great tire for it. I got a 4.00-18 for the rear and a 3.00-21 for the front.

I also decided to keep the satin finish wheels rather than polishing them, so for the rear I just needed to spoon on the tire.

I'm going to use the SC500 front wheel from mock-up. I'm not sure how well the small MX brake will work on the XS, but I'll give it a try.

Here is the hub blasted and waxed and new bearings installed.

The wheel had some rusty spokes and some that were just oxidized. I found an incomplete Yamaha 322-25104-01-00 spoke set for $40. It had 30 spokes, so I figured for about a third of the price  a complete set would cost I could clean up 6 of the old spokes. This is one of the old spokes on top, and one of the NOS spokes below.

Here is the same spoke cleaned up using some Autosol polish.

Here is the front rim after blasting, but before waxing and scoth-briting. Being a conical hub wheel, the spoke angles are different from one side to another.

Here is the front laced and with the tire mounted.



MARSHALLovercloth said...

looks wonderfulness

Joe C said...

Thanks Marshall!