more Yamaha enduros

I had to go through and sort my bike and parts score from last weekend. There is a bunch of parts I needed for my RT1 project. The RT3 had a nice wiring harness, and most of the other parts I need to finish it like headlight and ears, airbox, battery box, brake pedal and rod, rear brake stay, carburetor, footpeg bar, tail light, gauges, and a few other things.

I also took a look at the '71 250 and '73 360 engines. Both still have the Autolube oil pumps, no signs of any internal water damage, and look like great rebuild candidates.

The '71 DT1 engine is still a standard bore. This engine had pretty much zero compression, so I was happy to see there wasn't anything too bad, but just a worn top end.

I put the '71 parts together on the '71 frame. The front fender is an early aluminum DT1 part that I'd got for $10 at the last Boone County swap meet. I'm really excited about this bike, and will probably do it just like it is here. A guy would take the gauges and lights off, swing the headlight ears in and bolt them together, throw a knobby on the back, and head to the desert. So simple and so right. I'm tempted to just rebuild the engine and get the bike mechanically sorted, but otherwise mostly just clean it up.







I also put the RT3 parts into a roller. Not sure what will become of this one yet, but it's plenty of bike to do a project with.


MARSHALLovercloth said...

very exciting. you could clean polish and wax it up to improve it greatly.
paint the pipe and cylinder. you might paint the tank super dark purple metal flake.
knobby rear, trials front. will look perfect period style correctamundo.
new rubber parts always give an old bike a fresh look.
on second thought... restore the entire bike perfect with paint and polish instead of detailing it only.
then send the bike to me for free with free assed shipping so I can park it in my living room.
I want Bates foot pegs and chrome the frame and Hooker Headers pipe and NOS aftermarket shocks and a NOS yamaha tool kit in that tool compartment.

Joe C said...

I likely will end up doing a total paint and polish resto on it. I might see if I can get the dents out of the tank without damaging the original paint. If so I could just do a polish and cleanup, but like you said some things like the pipe would need painted. The bike said it has to stay orange either way, so no go on the purple. I have seen some frames done in chrome powder coat lately that look super nice.

MARSHALLovercloth said...

I hope you can pull the dent out with suction cup or something, that would be great