XS650 enduro project

I'm using the same '78 XT500 forks on the bike that I had on it for mock-up. They were in nice shape. I just cleaned them up, and put in new seals. I'm expecting I'll need to go with an aftermarket spring set, but I'll try these first.

For the fork gaiters I bought some Tuff County shock boots part number 69127. These are about $11 shipped on ebay. I've shortened these for use on stock XS650 forks, but they fit perfectly out of the package on the XT500 forks.

Here they are ready to go. I'm hoping to have the bike a roller by next weekend.

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MARSHALLovercloth said...

those fork boots look good. I can't wait to see it in roller form again with all the clean parts and the fresh black frame and stuff. the bike will inspire others to do similar projects. you are doing this bike right. it will look like Yamaha made a very rare low numbers DT650 Enduro from the factory and you happen to have one.