XS650 enduro project

I'd enlarged the axle slots on the Radian swingarm to fit the 20mm axle, so now needed to fit the 17mm adjusters. The outside adjuster plates are different from left to right, since the left side has a smaller opening to fit over the threaded end of the axle.

I drilled the adjusters on my drill press with a 25/32" bit, which is 19.84mm. I then used a brake cylinder hone on them until they fit the 20mm '72 CB750 axle. I used the 25/32" drill bit on the right outside plate, and then finished with a die grinder and carbide bit, and also used the die grinder to fit the left side plate. Using a washer on the right side of the axle got the length just right for the Radian swingarm.

It's a roller!
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