Yamaha enduros

I really love the '68 to '73 Yamaha enduros. Here is my '73 DT3 when I bought it.

I didn't do a restoration on it, but just fixed a few things and cleaned it up.

This is the '68 DT1 when I bought it.

Here is the '68 after. The frame and swingarm were about the only parts used from it in the above picture.

Next I bought a bare '69 DT1 frame that had a Webco frame lowering kit.

Here is the '69 after. It's fast and loud.

Then I bought a bare '70 RT1 frame.

The '70 is still in mock-up, and I've been collecting parts for it. This one will be a fairly stock street legal bike. It has a 21" front wheel and high fender here, but I might go with a 19" front and low fender. Progress on this one will be coming soon.

And that brings me to today. I was looking on Craigslist last night and there was a listing for a '73 RT3 cheap, and a bunch of parts listed individually, also cheap. I went this morning and made a deal on the whole lot.
100_8007 (2)

Here is the RT3, which turned out is actually a '71 DT1 with an RT3 engine, exhaust, seat, tank and front wheel. This is supposed to have run recently, and has good compression. He said it had shifting issues, so was parked. Could be a simple fix, or not.

Here are some of the parts. This frame is the matching numbers '73 RT3 frame the engine in the other bike came out of, and the engine in front of it is the matching numbers '71 DT1 engine from the rolling bike. The DT1 engine doesn't have any compression, so I'm guessing they swapped in the '73 360cc engine and some of the other parts to keep one bike working. So pretty much I bought a matching numbers '71 DT1 and '73 RT3. Some assembly required.

Here are some of the other parts. It doesn't look like they threw anything away. I haven't gone through all the parts yet, but other than the stock front fenders, it looks like most of the DT1 and RT3 are there. There is also a bunch of '72 RT2 parts, so three of many things. The plan will be to eventually put the '73 engine back in the '73 frame, and the same for the '71, and make a couple cool bikes.


MARSHALLovercloth said...

you have serious priceless works of art. may I post pics of the 1969 blue/gray tank bike on instant traction blog?
the Petty Baja fender is extra nice. the bike is perfect, I love it.

Joe C said...

Thanks! Yes, post any pictures of it. The Baja is my favorite Preston Petty fender. Preston Petty Products reproduces the MX and Muder fronts, but not the Baja. It was a lucky swap meet score.